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Bus Drivers list updated 1.12.16

Brady Adams Bus #23
Ron Alberts Bus #19, route 12
John Andrews sub bus driver
Chelsey Atkinson special education
Curtis Bach Bus #4A
Cleo Beckler Bus #2, route 13
Elmer Beckler Special Ed
Doug Campbell sub bus driver
David Erenberger sub bus driver
Eugene Frame sub bus driver
Ricky Gerard Bus #26, route 1
Shelly Given sub bus driver
Dennis Hahn Bus #4, route 2
Dave Harms sub bus driver
Stephen Henkelman Bus #15, route 7
Bob Herring Jr. Bus #16, route 9 , route 4
Howard Himmelreich special education
Don Hull sub bus driver
Rick Janssen Bus #22, route 8
Pat Kellenberger Bus #21, route 3
Richard Leichsnring Bus #1, route 5
Paul Meade special education
Susan Meade sub bus driver
Stanley Nderi Bus #9, route 9
Kevin Pirkl Bus #11, route 6
Gary Potter sub bus driver
Ben Robison sub bus driver
Don Schneider
bus 12, route 11
Larry Thorn bus 20, route 10
Bill Walls sub bus driver
Rodney Walls sub bus driver
Bill Weldon sub bus driver
Daneta Wilcox bus 1A, special education
Terry Zimmerman sub bus driver

School Bus Discipline
The number one priority of school bus drivers is to safely transport children to and from school. Not only is this a very important job, it is also very difficult. While drivers have to give their primary attention to the road, they are also expected to maintain discipline on the buses.

There are up to 60 children on each bus, often sitting behind tall seats so the driver can barely see them when making occasional glances into the rear-view mirror. Without the cooperation of the students and the support of the parents and the school administrators, it just is not possible for drivers to meet all the expectations of their job.

We have in the past considered a zero tolerance policy for discipline, meaning that a driver could suspend a student immediately for one day. Parents would then have to transport the student to school.

We have instead opted for a system of write-ups where a student is not suspended from the bus until the third write-up. This gives the parents an opportunity to work with their children to help them learn from their mistakes and modify their behavior so they not have to be suspended from the bus.

Compare the job of a bus driver to that of a teacher. Bus drivers have three times as many students as most classrooms and they have their backs to the class. They cannot see and react to every situation. The drivers need your support.

Please talk to your kids about school bus behavior. The most effective discipline plans start in the home. Help the drivers and the administrators develop a system that makes student transportation safe for all. Remember, our number one goal is safe transportation for our children.

If you have school bus concerns or questions, please contact the CCA transportation director at 319-530-4456.