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2015-2016 Clear Creek Amana

Middle School Supply List

    1:1 Please explore this page to learn more about how to use the Chromebook your student has been issued!

    Daily Announcements 

    Read The Wave, the CCAMS Clipper Newspaper

    A student support bus will be available on Wednesdays at 3:15/3:30. Students are welcome to stay and work on their homework in the library.The shuttle will run the same route as the activity bus, and the activity bus will continue to run at 6:00 pm.

School Messenger
We are currently using the School Messenger program to send out our weekly newsletter. It is the same program that sends out the alerts when we have a shortened day unexpectedly or when we need to get information to parents about schedule changes. The program will pick parents emails from the data entered when they e-registered their student for school this year. If for any reason your information changes throughout the year, please log on to Power School and make the needed corrections. This will insure you receive any announcements’ through the Power Announcement program throughout the year.

To edit your School Messenger Alert Announcements, log on to Power School, select one of your children enrolled. To the right of your child’s name in the blue bar, click on the first arrow. A window titled Applications will open; click on Contact Manager, A list of all your students will open. You are able to make changes on one of the students. The saved information will transfer to each student.

CCA Food Bank
If you are in need food assistance from the CCA Food Bank call or leave a message at 545-4490.