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grades pre-K-5: $2.40
grades 6-8: $2.50
grades 9-12: $2.60
adult: $3.35

student: $1.65
adult: $1.80


Free/Reduced Meal

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Nutrition Education
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Summer Meals- Click here for more information regarding summer meal programs.

National Hunger Hotline:

Clear Creek Amana School Food Service will soon be serving "SoyNut Butter" as part of our School Meal and Snack Programs. This product ispeanut/tree nut free and made in apeanut/tree nut free facility. This product is a peanut butter substitute and has been tested by some of our staff and has a great flavor and consistency to it. The product is dairy free, egg free, gluten free, kosher, and no trans fats. If you would like to view the nutritional and product information, you may check out the website The company also provides a line of granola which is peanut/tree nut free as well and can be found on the same website. Both of these items will be served on a temporary basis until we have receive their feedback to determine the appeal of one or both of these products.

Start Your Day With Breakfast!
Breakfast is served daily 7:45am to first bell at all Clear Creek Amana Schools. (Serving times may vary)

2016 Apple Crunch
Clear Creek Amana Schools will join the Midwest states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota in celebrating National Farm to School Month by crunching into locally and regionally grown apples at NOON on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016. Participants of all ages are invited to join others around the Midwest in eating apples at exactly noon on Thursday, Oct. 13, as we will be doing in our school district.
The Midwest Great Apple Crunch encourages healthy eating and supports farm to school and other local food purchasing initiatives throughout the region. It’s also a fun way to connect food and agriculture to all kinds of classroom curricula – from science to art! We encourage you to plan an Apple Crunch event anytime during October’s National Farm to School Month festivities.
Event Locations
Amana Elementary Clear Creek Amana Elementary-Oxford Tiffin Elementary North Bend Elementary Tiffin Middle School Tiffin High School

Allergy Awareness
Aug. 2014: The Clear Creek Amana School District is sensitive to the needs of students with food allergies.  If your child has a food allergy, please notify their classroom teacher and the health office.  We will follow “peanut/tree nut conscious” measures at each school site.    CCA staff will maintain “peanut sensitive” areas in each cafeteria that students with allergies may sit at.  The CCA Health Office will notify individual classroom teachers if they have a student or students with food allergies and those teachers may request that parents try to refrain from sending certain foods for classroom snacks/treats.   We would ask that if there is an identified food allergy in your child’s classroom and you send classroom snacks/treats with that identified allergen, that you let your child’s teacher know ahead of time so they can make sure the student(s) with the allergy avoids the food item.  We will not restrict food/drink items in sack lunches brought from home but do ask that you send healthy, nutritious meals.