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CCA High School
CCA High School
CCA High School
CCA High School
CCA High School

ACT Dates
Parents-The ACT is the most widely used college entrance exam in the midwest and west. I encourage all Juniors and Seniors that are planning on attending a 4 year college or university to take the ACT. Juniors should take an ACT by February, Seniors that have not taken an ACT or wish to improve their score need to take the September or October test! All test registration is online and can be found at

ACT without Writing $36.50
ACT Plus Writing $52.50

Test Date Registration Deadline Late
Photo Upload Deadline
June 14, 2014 May 9 May 10-23 June 6


Building Schedule
Doors open 6:30am
SCHOOL HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday are 8:20am – 3:20pm
WEDNESDAYS: school ends 1:20pm
Doors close 5:00pm unless there is a home activity in the building, then they close around 10:30pm

Dress Code
The major responsibility for acceptable dress and grooming rests with the parents and their students. Students are expected to dress appropriately for school and all related activities. The administration will take action on student dress when such dress and/or grooming presents a clear danger to student health and safety, causes an interference with schoolwork, or creates a classroom or school disruption. Clothing with obscenities, profanities, or alcohol, drug or tobacco references are not permitted. Bare feet are not permitted. Shoes must be worn in school at all times.