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September 22nd-September 27th
Artist Reception: Friday, September 27

Any graduate from Clear Creek Amana High School (CCA or Amana) having artwork to share should consider exhibiting. We are looking for one-two pieces per person.
Check us out on Facebook at <Clear Creek Amana High School Art Department>
Please see the Art Entry form for all the details and dates for submitting and showing artwork.
pdf entry form

Please read through the details for entering artwork.

  1. All mediums of art are welcome (although very large pieces may be difficult to display)
  2. All artwork must be appropriate to display in a school gallery setting.
  3. Delivery of artwork will be during school hours unless arrangements are made ahead of time. Artwork should be packaged and labeled and brought to the front office of the high school.
  4. Work should be delivered between September 4th and September 19th.
  5. Artists must submit photos or jpeg images of artwork and the completed entry form for acceptance into the show no later than September 13th.
  6. Artwork can be picked up after 7pm on September 27th. Those unable to make the reception can make alternate arrangements after that date.
  7. Artwork should be presentation ready: Two dimensional work should be matted and/or framed.
  8. Hours for viewing exhibit will be posted later.

Art Club
The Art Club is open to all high school students. The group hosts and sponsors art related activities. Some activities will include: Homecoming buttons, fall musical set design and elementary art night. If you are interested in joining, please contact: Mary Pat Hanson-Karstens